Best Racing PC games

Whenever I see a new game in the market I immediately go and make a guess as to which game might be the best of the latest line-up of PC gaming games. I have been making these guesses over the years and always come up with the right names and the right games to judge by. First let’s get right to who I think are the top five best PC games.

Stacatto X-Men Race

Stacatto X-Men Race is basically Motorstorm Metrogames, which is a game that I really think needs to come back. That game might be over a decade old now but what remains really cool about it is the fact that it will cost just $15 for the whole game and comes with all the DLC content and everything. I wouldn’t even consider it a priority to play Racing games which is a good thing for Stacatto X-Men. I think it could be really cool to explore Metrogames’ lesser-known areas and engage in some LAN-based races. Definitely a good game when you want to enjoy a great game within a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Last Of Us Redux Edition

Naughty Dog is one of those developers that always do something new and bring the very best of PlayStation 2 action games into the modern world. With The Last Of Us Redux Edition, they took their finest game, combined an unbelievable storyline with spectacular visuals and turned it into something that I can’t wait to play. The Last Of Us Redux Edition has everything you expect in a Naughty Dog game from gameplay to visuals and sounds that only PlayStation 2 consoles can produce. The devs at Naughty Dog are masters at turning their games into something really cool and moving into the Modern age without missing a beat. The Last Of Us Redux Edition isn’t out until the end of the year though, so if you’re still on the fence, I think you might want to get yourself a copy of the game.

Halfbrick’s Amazing Roger

Halfbrick sure knows how to put out some really well-made games and Fantastic Roger is one of those games that remind me that gaming can be an easy pastime. You don’t have to be a gamer at all to enjoy Magic Spines. All you need is to have the right background knowledge and the games are enjoyable. The focus is on solving puzzles and attempting to find a way around the challenges put in front of you by the game’s creators. Fantastic Roger just looks cool with its realistic visuals and the larger-than-life graphics in general. Some of the best graphics in the entire Modern era and is definitely one to keep an eye on as the console season progresses.

Dark Souls 3

After dominating the gaming landscape for the best part of a decade, Bandai Namco did a very good job in announcing that Dark Souls 3 was coming out in 2016. I didn’t catch a specific release date but I am glad that the game was eventually released. From what I’ve seen so far, Dark Souls 3 has not been going down so well. I don’t know how bad it’s going to be or even if I need to say this already but the last time Dark Souls came out the game was worth every penny. The campaign is paced well and it’s fairly challenging. The hype around Dark Souls 3 is still high so if you’re looking for a challenging style of game, I would advise you to take a look at Dark Souls 3.

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