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I’m finding that it becomes so easy to get lost in the newest trailer of an upcoming game that I have never played. No matter how hard I Google in-depth about its latest feature or how many times I watch the game maker’s livestream, there is no clear conclusion or details about its gameplay. The trailer may provide a solid tease of its future but we know very little, if anything, about it. Most of us are still stuck playing the titles that we played five years ago. Now is a great time to re-play and reminisce about the great games of the last 10 years.

Take a look at the following list of 10 games that I think will definitely define this decade (this decade being 2020) and onwards.

10. GTA 6

The last one was, let’s be honest, pretty amazing. And the next one won’t even need a trailer. No, it will be amazing from a gaming perspective alone. The entire GTA series has taken a lot of innovative twists and turns and has left us interested for 15 years. The launch of Cyberpunk has added to the hype to make us want to own a game more than a month before the game is expected to be released. As far as the fact that they will release at all, GTA 6 is guaranteed. Now, whether or not the game will be successful it is obviously debatable.

9. Overwatch

The video game taking in incredible visuals and shooting games is finally back and is a vast leap forward for shooting games in general. Not only are the game’s rules and empowers offered to the player appealing enough but they can also experiment and continue to find new avenues for the game to grow and develop. The game’s plot is complex and interesting enough to answer the crucial questions many a gamer can often ask. The game series’s mechanics are balanced and innovative enough to build confidence and innovation with the release of Overwatch.

8. Halo 5: Guardians

Similar to its predecessor Halo: Combat Evolved, the latest installment in the Halo series was released earlier this year and has received mixed reviews from critics. There are no details about Halo 5’s evolution, but the good thing is that the game is still being released. More importantly, it has broken many barriers and is different from previous iterations. Fans of the Halo series are eagerly waiting for the next installment and the experience the upcoming game provides.

7. Super Mario 64

There have been many great games that have failed for various reasons but Super Mario 64 was always my favorite due to the sheer amount of freedom and the gameplay plan that it provided to the player. The first 3D Mario title is now remembered as one of the best titles in the Nintendo’s histories and definitely influential to the modern gaming world. Since then, Mario has become an iconic character but, due to the coming of Mario 64, we have entered a whole new era in gaming. Mario 64 is one of the best games I have ever played and I am not the only one who considers it to be one of the best games of all time. For the 20th anniversary, Nintendo will certainly release a game. The latest Nintendo E3 press conference proves that it’s a possibility as Nintendo promises that the game will be based on the original Mario 64 which serves as an excellent reminder of the best 3D Mario game.

6. Half-Life 2

With the poor performance of its sequel Half-Life 2, it is still uncertain as to whether or not the developers will ever return to the series. Even so, it’s still one of the most beloved shooter games and has changed the way I play and understand the term “co-op.” That said, a picture will always remain of a tense and intense shooter involving twists and turns.

5. Shenmue

A now classic movie series that shows us how incredible the freedom of the video game can be, Shenmue can keep you spellbound for hours.

4. GTA

The first Grand Theft Auto reboot came out in 2007 and had the entire environment, the vehicles, characters, weapons, and landscapes of Los Santos at its disposal. GTA remains one of the most popular games in the world to this day.

3. Portal

If you haven’t played Portal then you must come to learn. The video game series is based on the Portal movie which is also a cult classic. The concept for Portal that allows you to manipulate specific objects in the environment as well as conduct sound, focus, and rotation control from your mouse and keyboard has been copied many times, from the shape of doors to the type of stones that need to be placed, to more mundane uses. Portal’s gameplay loop is something that not many have experienced yet.

2. Payday 2

I play a lot of games for some reason but not all games will make me come up with a way to benefit from and exploit

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